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September 2, 2010
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7 PAGE 2 THE PENDLETON RECORD, PENDLETON, OREGON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 The Pend/eton Record MARGUERITE M. MAZNARITZ- Publisher Sam westover - Editor Entered as Seco nd-Class Matter, October 1912, Pendleton, UmatUla County, Oregon 97801 under the Act of March 1879. Postage paid at Pendleton, OR. An Independent newspaper published every Thursday at 809 S.E. Court, Pendleton, Oregon 97801 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Pendleton Record, P.O. Box 69, Pendleton, OR 97801. Price per year is $25, per copy, .50 cents. Phone 541-276-2853 - FAX 541-278-2916 Email Web Page: The Pendleton Record will not be responsible from a monetary standpoint for any errors in advertisements that might appear in any portion of this publication. This newspaper will, however, reprint any advertisement, free of charge, which is the fault of the newspaper and the result of typographical errors. Public Notice TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF SALE T.S. No.: OR-10-373084-NH Reference is made to that certain deed made by Richard A Walczyk as Grantor to Pioneer Title Co, as Trustee, in favor of First Horizon Home Loan Corporation a Corporation, as Beneficiary, dated 1/28/2005, recorded 02/08/2005, in official records of Umatilla County, Oregon, in book/reel/ volume No. xxx, at page No. xxx fee/file/instrument/microfile/reception No. 2005-4770016 covering the following described real property situated in said County and State, to wit: APN: 127161 Lot 7, Block 4, Hermiston Park Plat No. 1, an addition to the City of Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon. Commonly known as: 601 E Sunset Drive Hermiston, OR 97838 Both the beneficiary and the trustee have elected to sell the said real property to satisfy the obligations secured by said trust deed and notice has been recorded pursuant to Section 86.735 (3) of Oregon Revised Statutes; the default for which the foreclosure is made is the grantor's: The installments of principal and interest which became due on 4/1/2010, and all subsequent installments of principal and interest through the date of this Notice, plus amounts that are due for late charges, delinquent property taxes, insurance premiums, advances made on senior liens, taxes and/or insurance, trustee's fees, and any attorney fees and court costs arising from or associated with the beneficiaries efforts to protect and preserve its security, all of which must be paid as a condition of reinstatement, including all sums that shall accrue through reinstatement or pay-off. Nothing in this notice shall be construed as a waiver of any fees owing to the Beneficiary under the Deed of Trust pursuant to the terms of the loan documents. Monthly Payment $409.54 Monthly Late Charge $20.48 By this reason of said default the beneficiary has declared all obligations secured by said trust deed immediately due and payable, said sums being the following, to wit: The sum of $36,795.18 together with interest thereon at the rate of 6.3750 per annum from 3/1/2010 until paid; plus all accrued late charges thereon; and all trustee's fees, foreclosure costs and any sums advanced by the beneficiary pursuant to the terms of said deed of trust. Whereof, notice hereby is given that, LSI Title Company Of Oregon, LLC, the undersigned trustee will, on 12/14/201 O, at the hour of 01:00 PM, Standard of Time, as established by section 187.11 O, Oregon Revised Statutes, at At the front of Umatilla County Courthouse, 2!6 SE 4th, Pendleton, OR County of Umatilla, State of Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which the grantor had or had power to convey at the time of execution by him of the said trust deed, together with any interest which the grantor or his successors in interest acquired after the execution of said trust deed, to satisfy the foregoing obligations thereby secured and the costs and expenses of sale, including a reasonable charge by the trustee. Notice is further given that any person named in section 86.753 of Oregon Revised Statutes has the right to have the foreclosure proceeding dismissed and the trust deed reinstated by payment to the beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of said principal as would not then be due had no default occurred), together with the costs, trustee's and attorney's fees and curing any other default complained of in the Notice of Default by tendering the performance required under the obligation or trust deed, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for sale. For Sale Information Call: 714-573-1965 or Login to In constru- ing this notice, the masculine gender includes the feminine and the neuter, the singular includes plural, the word "grantor" includes any successor in interest to the grantor as well as any other persons owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said trust deed, the words "trustee" and "beneficiary" include their respective succes- sors in interest, if any. Pursuant to Oregon Law, this sale will not be deemed final until the Trustee's deed has been issued by LSI Title Company Of Oregon, LLC. If there are anyirregularities discovered within 10 days of the date of this sale, that the trustee will rescind the sale, return the buyer's money and take further action as necessary. If the Trustee is unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder's sole and exclusive remedy shall be the return of monies paid to the Trustee, and the successful bidder shall have no further recourse. If the sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to a return of the deposit paid. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee, or the Mortgagee's Attorney. NOTICE TO RESIDENTIAL TENANTS The property in which you are living is in foreclosure. A foreclosure sale is scheduled for 12/14/2010. Unless the lender who is foreclosing on this property is paid, the foreclosure will go through and someone new will own this property. The following information applies to you only if you occupy and rent this property as a residential dwelling under a legitimate rental agreement. The informa- tion does not apply to you if you own this property or if you are not a residential tenant. If the foreclosure goes through, the business or individual who buys this property at the foreclosure sale has the right to require you to move out. The buyer must first give you an eviction notice in writing that specifies the date by which you must move out. The buyer may not give you this notice until after the foreclosure sale happens. If you do not leave before the move-out date, the buyer can have the sheriff remove you from the property after a court hearing. You will receive notice of the court hearing. FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES YOU TO BE NOTIFIED IF YOU ARE OCCUPYING AND RENTING THIS PROP- ERTY AS A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING UNDER A LEGITIMATE RENTAL AGREEMENT, FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES THE BUYER TO GIVE YOU A NOTICE IN WRITING ACERTAI N NUMBER OF DAYS BEFORE THE BUYER CAN REQUIRE YOU TO MOVE OUT. THE FEDERAL LAW THAT REQUIRES THE BUYER TO GIVE YOU THIS NOTICE IS EFFECTIVE UNTIL DECEMBER 31,2012. Under federal law, the buyer must give you at least 90 days' notice in writing before requiring you to move out. If you are renting this property under a fixed-term lease (for example, a six-month or one-year lease), you may stay until the end of your lease term. If the buyer wants to move in and use this property as the buyer's primary residence, the buyer can give you written notice and require you to move out after 90 days, even if you have a fixed-term lease with more than 90 days left. STATE LAW NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS IF THE FEDERAL LAW DOES NOT APPLY, STATE LAW STILL REQUIRES THE BUYER TO GIVE YOU NOTICE IN WRITING BEFORE REQUIRING YOU TO MOVE OUT IF YOU ARE OCCUPYING AND RENTING THE PROPERTY AS A TENANT IN GOOD FAITH. EVEN IF THE FEDERAL LAW REQUIREMENT IS NO LONGER EFFECTIVE AFTER DECEMBE R 31,2012, THE REQUI REMENT UNDER STATE LAW STILL APPLIES TO YOUR SITUATION. Under state law, if you have a fixed-term lease (for example, a six-month or one-year lease), the buyer must give you at least 60 days' notice in writing before requiring you to move out. If the buyer wants to move in and use this PUBLIC RECORD State Courts ArrowFinan Svs LLCvs Roskelley, Carolyn J, $5,779.44, $1,045.72 int, $720 att fee, $477 cost, Civil. Bank of America vs Wilson, Steve A, $190 cost, rsdntl. Beneficial Oregon Inc vs Wil- liams, Gloria, $2,632.45, $500 att fee, $392 cost, civil. Bisconer, Brandi aka Delay, aka Dunlap, vs Bisconer, Chad, $402 mo ch sup, $94 mo reed sup. Boyle, Patricia Ann vs Boyle, Mark John, $370 mo sp sup. Capital One Bank vs Bemus, Douglass A, $2,979.72, $750 att fee, $467 cost, Civil. Capital 1 Bk vs Blair, Connie L, $863.33, $500 att fee, $467cost, civil. Capital One Bank vs Deputy, Nelda J, $904.56, $500 att fee, $467 cost, civil. Capital One Bank vs Gherman, Maria K, $2,456.31, $500 att fee, $101 cost, civil; $4,290.05, $500 att fee, $101 cost, civil. Capital One Bank vs Lopez, Jeannie & John Doe, $4,409.80, $41 cost, civil. Capital One Bank vs Odoms, Larry S, $2,941.89, $750 att fee, $467 cost, civil. Chase Home Finance LLC vs McKenzie, Kim, $190 cost, rsdntl. CitiBank South Dakota vs Berwanger, Rose A, $4,759.10, $491 cost, Civil. Collection Bureau of Milton- Freewater vs Ramirez, Naomi G, $1,274.30, $167.50 cost, civil. Coursey, Rick Supt EOCI vs Hentz, Lemuel Fred, $50 cost, civil. Credits Inc vs Cardenas, Joel, $5,121.68, $207.50 cost, sm claim. Credits Inc vs Lemus, Adan and Maria aka Carranza, aka Rios, $5,827.74, $207.50 cost, small claim. Credits Inc vs Molyneux, Brandy A, $3,961.21, $226.50 cost, small claims. Dickinson, Joshua vs Mont- gomery, Ashley, $403 mo ch sup. Donahue Development LLC; vs Geiselman, Stephanie, $190 cost, rsdnt. Equable Ascent Financial LLC vs 6riffitts, Jessica R, $3,822.72, $250 att fee, $487 cost, civil. Fireside Bank fka Fireside Thrift Co vs Adams, Casee A, $3,512.61, $241 cost, small claims. Fireside Bank vs Ezell, Justin K, $6,770, $241.50 cost, sm claims. Franke, Steve Supt TRCI vs Mer- riam, Phillip Burton, $29 cost, civil. Hall, Guy Supt TRCI vs Tutor, John Allen, $164 cost, civil. Hampton, Richard vs Mclntyre, Sharon; Alanis, Travis; Et AI, $190.25 cost, rsdntl. Hampton, Richard vs Valentin, Adam; Welch, Savannah; Et, AI, $226.25 cost, rsdntl. HSBC Bank Nevada vs Larue, Bobble J, $3,823.30, $325 att fee, $491 cost, civil. Humbert, Lori Lynn vs Humbert, Donald Eugene, $60,000, domestic. Jones, Clara Dee vs Jones, Gerald A, $350 mo sp sup. Kilmer, Tina nka Nelson, vs Kilmer, Dwayne, $282 moch sup. Lopez, Martin vs Ceniceros, Joseluiz; Alexander, Jade Riah, $190 cost, rsdntl. Midland Funding LLC vs Bartlett, Andrea Jo aka Muller, An- drea J, $1,801.02, $250 att fee, $457 cost, Civil. Midland Funding LLC vs Harer, Christopher, $2,776.10, $250 att fee, $457 cost, civil. Midland Funding LLC vs Olmos, Juan R, $3,943.45, $250 att fee, $457 cost, civil. Montes, Sylvia vs Morales, Beatriz; Orozco, Carlos; Orozco, Tony, $190 cost, rsdntl. Norton, Callie vs Hallgarth, Chad, $250 mo ch sup. Picknell, Kern; Holt, Laura vs Alitzer, Gina; Schuman, Clayton, $190.25 cost, rsdntl. Pioneer Valley Invest LLC; Mitchell, Ted vs Hill, Wendy, $155 cost, rsdntl. Prof Svc Bureau vs Pangle, Lawrence and Barbara, $338.37, $203.79 int, $93 cost, civil. Sauvie, Peggy A vs Sauvie, Rex A, $443 arr, $204 moch sup. Schroeder, Rieanna Marie aka Lyda, vs Fuller, Nathane Charles, $2,177 arr, $100 moch sup. Spike, Kelly Raevs Spike, Brian Todd, $1,073 mo ch sup. St. of Ore. vs Baldwin, Joshua Anderew, $200 cost, crimmischief. St. of Ore. vs Becerra-Saldana, Mauricio, $200 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs Bergstad, April Dawn, $200 cost, reckless driv. propertyas the buyer's primaryresidencel the buyer can give you written notice and require you to move out after 30 days, even if you have a fixed term lease with more than 30 days left. If you are renting under a month- to-month or week-to-week rental agreement, the buyer must give you at least 30 days' notice in writing before requiring you to move out. IMPORTANT: For the buyer to be requiredto give you a notice under state law, you must prove to the business or individual who is handling the foreclosure sale that you are occupying and renting this property as a residential dwelling under a legitimate rental agreement. The name and address of the business or individual who is handling the foreclosure sale is shown on this notice under the heading "TRUSTEE". You must mail or deliver your proof not later than 11/14/2010 (30 days before the date first set for the foreclosure sale). Your proof must be in writing and should be a copy of your rental agreement or lease. If you do not have a written rental agreement or lease, you can provide other proof, such as receipts for rent paid. ABOUTYOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT Under state law, you may apply your security deposit and any rent you paid in advance against the current rent you owe your landlord. To do this, you must notifyyour landlord in writing that you want to subtract the amount of yoursecuritydeposit orprepaid rent from your rent payment.You may do this only for the rent you owe your current landlord. If you do this, you must do so before the foreclosure sale. The business or individual who buys this property at the foreclosure sale is not responsible to you for any deposit or prepaid rent you paid to your landlord. ABOUT YOUR TENACY AFTER THE FORECLOSURE SALE The business or individual who buys this property at the foreclosure sale may be willing to allow you to stay as a tenant instead of requiring you to move out. You should contact the buyer to discuss that possibility if you Would like to stay. Under state law, if the buyer accepts rent from you, signs a new residential rental agreement with you or does not notify you in writing within 30 days after the date of the foreclosure sale that you must move out, the buyer becomes your new landlord and must maintain the property. Otherwise, the buyer is not your landlord and is not respon- sible for maintaining the property on your behalf and you must move out by the date the buyer specifies in a notice to you. YOU SHOULD CONTINUE TO PAY RENT TO YOUR LANDLORD UNTIL THE PROPERTY IS SOLD TO ANOTHER BUSINESS OR INDIVIDUAL OR UNTIL A COURT OR ALE NDE R TE LLS YOU OTHE RWl SE. IF YOU DO NOT PAY RE NT, YOU CAN BE EVICTED. AS EXPLAI NED ABOVE, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO APPLY A DEPOSIT OR RENT YOU PREPAID AGAINST YOUR CURRENT RENT OBLI CATION. BE SURE TO KEEP PROOF OFANY PAYME NTS YOU MAKE AND OFANY NOTICE YOU GIVE OR RECEIVE CONCERNING THE APPLI- CATION OF YOUR DEPOSIT OR PREPAID RENT. IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR ANY PERSON TOTRYTO FORCE YOU TO LEAVE YOUR HOME WITHOUT FIRST GOING TO COURT TO EVICT YOU. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RI GHTS, YOU MAYWlSH TO CONSULT A LAWYER. If you believe you need legal assistance, contact the Oregon State Bar and ask for the lawyer referral service. Contact information for the Oregon State Bar is included with this notice. If you do not have enough money to pay a lawyer or are otherwise eligible, you may be able to receive legal assistance for free. Information about whom to contact for free legal assistance is included with this notice. Oregon State Bar (503) 684- 3763; (800) 452-7636 Legal assistance: wwwlawhelp'rg/r/index'cfm Dated: 8/4/2010 LSI Title Company Of Oregon, LLC, as Trustee 3220 El Camino Real I rvine, CA 92602 Signature By: Angelica Castillo, Assistant Secretary Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, as agent for LSI Title Company Of Oregon, LLC 2141 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 619-645-7711 For Non-Sale Information: Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington 2141 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 619-645-7711 Fax: 619-645-7716 If you have previously been discharged through bank- ruptcy, you may have been released of personal liability for this loan in which case this letter is intended to exercise the note holder's rights against the real property only. This Office is attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. As required by law, you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit report agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit obligations. P732842 8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 09/02/2010 Published in the Pendleton Record on August 12,19, 26, and September 2, 2010. PUBLIC RECORD St. of Ore. vs Bluhm, James Marcus, $2,000 fine, $585 att fee, $387 cost, unauth use veh; $585 att fee, $218 cost, fail app. St. of Ore. vs Brooks, Wesley Scott, $200 cost, aid in fish/game viol. St of Ore vs Brown, Chad Ashley, $500 fine, unlawful possess destruct. St. of Ore. vs Brown, Daryn Arvid, $500 fine, $103 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs Brown, Jimmy Chris- topher T., $138 fine, $107 cost, MIP. St. of Ore.vs Brown, Samantha L, $1,375 arr, $275 mo ch sup. (Continued on page 4) Le al Notice VICTORIANASLUND 310 E. McDowell Street Apt. 52 Alturas, CA 96101 Pro Per SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MODOC VICTORIA NASLUND, ) ) Petitioner, ) ) VS, ) ) ADAM ESCOBARTRUJILLO, ) ) ) Respondent. ) ) No FL-10-003 ORDER FOR PUBLICATION #7882 Family Code The Motion of the Petitioner for an Order for Publication Came on regularly for hearing and good cause appearing, it is hereby ORDERED that service on the Respondent may be made by publi- cation under the provisions of #415.50 CCP. Publication shall be in the Pendleton Record, in Pendieton, Oregon, once a week for four consecu- tive weeks. The Petitioner is directed to mail a copy of the summons, complaint and order for publication to the respondent if his address is ascertained before the expiration of the time prescribed for publication of the summons. DATED: July 19th, 2010. You have 30 calendar days after this Summons and Petition are served on you to file a Response (form FL-120 or FL-123) at the court and have a copy served on the petitioner. A letter of phone call will not protect you. If you do not file your Response on time, the court may make orders affecting your marriage or domestic partnership, your property, and custody of your children. You may be ordered to pay support and attorney fees and costs. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the clerk for a fee waiver from. If you want legal advice, contact a lawyer immediately. You can get information about finding lawyers at the California Courts Online Self- Help Center (, at the California Legal Services Web site (, or by contacting your local county bar association. NOTICE: The restraining orders on page 2 are effective against both spouses or domestic partners until the petition is dismissed, a judgment is entered, or the court makes further orders. These orders are enforce- able anywhere in California by any law ehforcement officer who has received or seed a copy of them. :, o NOTE: If a judgment of support order is entered, the court may order you to pay all or part of the fees and costs that the court waived for yourself or for the other party. If this happens, the party ordered to pay fees shall be given notice and an opportunity to request a hearing to set aside the order to pay waive court fees. . Name and address of the court are: Modoc County Superior Court 205 S. East Street Alturas, CA 96101 . Name, address, and telephone number of the petitioner's attorney, or the petitioner without an attorney, are: Victoria R. Naslund 117 E. 8th Street Apt. 3 Alturas, CA 96101 530-233-3776 Published in the Pendleton Record on August 12, 19, 26, and 2, 2010. 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