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July 4, 2013
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PAGE 4 THE PENDLETON RECORD, PENDLETON, OREGON THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2013 ,SIFIED ADS Offbeat Oregon History Rival Roseburg newspapers settled their differences with a " big gunfight, right downtown ByFinnJ.D. John It Pay To, 00dvertise The "Oregon Style" of newspaper journalism was already a thing in 1871 ,when upstart newspaper publisher William "Bud" Thompson got ARRIVAL5 in his famous gunfight in downtown Roseburg. edverti e ' E "e It Pays But until that day, the vicious personal attacks that characterized the "Oregon Style" had mostly involved the spilling of ink-- not blood. On that late Monday morning on a corner in downtown Roseburg, that changed. The enemies meet The groundwork for the Roseburg Newspaper Shootout was laid when Thompson came to town in 1870, when he was just 22 years old. He'd just sold the newspaper he'd run in Eugene -- the Eugene City Guard -- and, with $1,200 in his pocket, had come to Roseburg to do it again. He launched his paper and it steadily started building circula- tion. This was not OK with Henryand Thomas Gale, the two brothers who had founded the weekly Roseburg Ensign .three years before. Like Thompson, the two of them were from the Eugene area, and like him were in their early 20s; but unlike Thompson, theywere staunch Republicans. Henry, the older of the two, was atall and powerful man, but Thomas was tiny -- under five feet tall. Tensions between the two newspapers built as they fired salvoes at one another from their editorial pages. This was to be expected: after all, the Gales ran a Republican newspaper, and Thompson was a lifelong Democrat and a son of the South. But there was something else happening, too, which added fuel to the brewing feud: Almost as soon as Thompson opened for business, Democrat Lafayette Grover was elected governor of Oregon, ending an eight-year run of Republican governors. The victorious Dems, in Salem, now had a choice of papers to favor with their lucrative public-notice business. That meant most of the business that had sustained the Ensign now was going to the upstart Plaindealer. Also, looking at all the different accounts of this event, it's clear that Thompson was an unusually thin-skinned fellow. After being sarcasti- cally called "the ripe scholar and gallant gentleman who stands--when sober enough to stand at all -- behind the Plaindealer chair," and "a sardine among codfish," and various other quaint-sounding (to us) epithets, Thompson reportedly informed the Gale brothers that he would no longer tolerate this sort of abuse. Of course, the Gales kept it up. They would have been a disgrace to Oregon-style journalism if they had not. The inciting incident Things came to a head one Saturday, when Thompson chanced to meet Thomas Gale in the post office. Reports on the action are varied. Thompson's memoir claims that Gale tried to draw a pistol, and he (Thompson) grabbed his hand and slapped him in the face. Contempo- rary newspaper accounts, including one by Thompson's own newspa- per (published while he was recovering from his wounds) say Thomp- son spat in Gale's face and slapped him, and Gale-- probably because Thompson towered over him like a giant -- didn't get in a single blow. Bystanders quickly separated the two before a full-on brawl could develop, and Thomas Gale stormed off to get his gun  which he had not had in the post office, or he probably would have used it. It was not the kind of public affront that went unanswered in a frontier town like 1870s Roseburg. Everyone knewa showdown of some kind was coming. It arrived two days later, on Monday. When Thompson stepped out of his office to go to the post office, he found the Gale brothers waiting for him. "Pick on somebody your own size/" Again, Thompson's memoir describes the encounter with shame- less mendacity. He basically claimsthe brothers tookturns shooting him in the back as he turned from one to the other, that one pretended to surrender so he would lower his guard and then shot him, and (by implication) that he left both brothers dead. His own bravery, and the brothers' cowardice, fairly pours from the page. And again, if contem- porary newspaper accounts are to be believed -- including the one by his very own newspaper -- it's,almost all lies. The newspaper accounts all say that the encounter started with Thompson apologizing to Thomas Gale for spitting in his face. The apology was not accepted, though, and Henry, the bigger brother, told him he should be ashamed of himself, and that he should pick on somebody his own size. Gunshots ring out What happened next is very unclear. There are just too many conflicting accounts to pick a line through them, especially on the question of who shot first. The most likely scenario is that Henry Gale intended to use his cane to administer a humiliating public beating to Thompson, and had started doing so when Thompson pulled his pocket derringer out. At that point, Thomas Gale (the small brother) pulled his revolver out and the shooting started. Thomas Gale shot Thompson in the chest, but the ball was deflected by a thick sheaf of letters and inflicted only a flesh wound. Thompson turned and fired his one-shot derringer into Thomas's right side, just above the liver; he then started using his now-empty pistol to beat Henry Gale over the head. Henrythen pulled a four-shooter and shot Thompson three times with it from close quarters: once in the back of the head, from the side, apparently at an angle because the skull wasn't penetrated; once in the shoulder; and once in the neck. The lastshot went behind Thompson's jaw and lodged in his tongue, filling his mouth with blood. And with that, the drama ended. Much to the surprise of almost everyone, all three of the men survived this bloody encounter. Thomas and Henry Gale went to a nearby drugstore for treatment, and Thomas's wounds were quite serious; they may have eventually caused his death, which came eight years later. Thompson went home to have the bullets extracted. "Although neither paper was put out of commission, both had had the stuffing knocked out of their editors," writer David Loftus remarked in his article about the incident. Thompson leaves town Thompson soon left Roseburg, selling the Plaindealer for $4,000 and moving to Salem to take over the Salem Mercury. The Gales sold their paper around the same time, and, languishing with the winds of political fortune, it eventually closed. Throughout the rest of his life, Thompson would be a dangerous fellow to have around. At the Mercury, he reportedly beat the editor of the Forest Grove paper with a cane after the editor wrote some dispar- aging things about him. Later, as a cattle rancher, he would become notorious as the head of the Prineville Vigilantes, a gang of masked outlaws responsible for at least seven lynchings and extrajudicial killings in Crook County. After that, he moved to Alturas, Calif., and there were more lynchings and vigilante action there. Thompson's enemies, of whom there were many, characterized him as that rare blackguard who had the skill to know whom he could attack and when he needed to leave town.., and they were probably right. But one thing is for sure: He definitely made journalism in frontier Oregon a more interesting occupation. (Sources: Loftus, David. "Papers' feuding editors settled disputes with gunfire,", 21 Feb 1988, accessed 29 Jun 2013; Thompson, Colonel William. Reminiscences of a Pioneer. San Francisco: Alturas Plaindealer, 1913) Finn J.D. John is an instructor at Oregon State University and the author of 'Wicked Portland," a book about the dark side of Oregon's metropolis in the 1890s. He produces a daily podcast, reading archives from this column, at To contact him or suggest a topic:, @OffbeatOregon (on Twitter), or 541-357-2222. L ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL WILLIAM BLAKE GUSflWA Jessica L. and Marc R. Gushwa of Pendleton are parents of a son born June 19, 2013. He has been named William Blake Gushwa and weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces. His grandparents are Brian and Shannon Schuette of Pendle- ton; Dean and Jeannette Gushwa. TAIGEN OWEN KUNKLE Marissa Ann Myers and Chris- topher Jade Kunkle of Pendleton are parents of a son born June 19, 2013. He has been named Taigen Owen Kunkle and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. His grandparents are Garyand Christina Myers, Jamie and Dick Baker, all of Pendleton. TAYLOR JO VAN PEL T Tara Jo and Arthur Van Pelt of Pendleton are parents of a daugh- ter born June 19, 2013. She has been named Taylor Jo Van Pelt and weighed 6 pounds. Her grandparents are Jerry and Susan Farrow, Lee and Jeff Vafl Pelt, all of Pendleton. BRAULIO ISAAC MEDRANO Brandy Louise Sisneros and Braulio Orantes Medrano of Pend- leton are parents of a son born June 20,2013. He has been named Braulio'lsaac Medrano and weighed 7 pounds 8 Ounces. Grandparents are Amanda Jo Clhorazy & Thomas Edward Sisneros. ASHTON GUNNER CROWDER Natalie Crowder and Cristopher. Shanks Crowder of .Pendleton are parents of a son born June 22,2013. He has been named Ashton Gunner Crowder and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. Grandparents are Nathan and Penney Crowther, Hermiston; Gary and Karen Crowder, Pend/eton. PUBLIC RECORD Continued from page 2 Mortgages (continued) Lentz, Gordon L Jr& Sheryl to Westcorp Mtg Group, 809 SE 8th St, Pendleton, $130,000. Leon-Cancino, Sergioto US Bank, 80285 Banks Ln, Hermiston, $100,000 LULU, LLC to Siuslaw Bank, 901 SWEmigrantAv, Pendleton,$770,400 Martin, Ron & Valori to Ump- qua Bank, 46056 Lloyd Rd, Pendle- ton, $100,000. Mayer, Margaret M to Umpqua Bk, 109 NW7 St, Pendleton,$111,779 Middleton, Joseph Rogers & MaryJ to USAA Fed Sav Bank, 21 S Thielsen, Echo, $25,000. Morgan, Kelly J & Diane to Wells Fargo Bank, 1348 E Main St, Hermiston, $208,000. Nava Jara, Jose M & Nava Sim- ental, Jose L to Guild Mgt Co, 1868 NE 14th St, Hermiston, $147,283 Palm, Michael Shane to Wells Fargo Bank, 1308 SW 44th St, Pendleton, $159,200. Randall, Randy D & Rhonda J to Banner Bank, 705 S 1 st St, Her- ralston, $359,604. Randall, Randy D & RhondaJ to Banner Bank, 1010 NW Stock- ton St, Hermiston, $359,604. Rice, Stuart A to Banner Bank, 1765 NE North St, Herrniston,$85,000 Richards, David R to Sierra Pacific Mtg Co Inc, 418 SE Cherry St, Pilot Rock, $80,000.00 Solano, Raymundo & Ramona RtoAmerican PacificMtg, 87 S Andrea St, M-F, $141,462. Tachelle, David to Wells Fargo Bank, 904 SW Goodwin Ave, Pendleton, $86,700. Tidewater Terminal Co to NW Farm Credit Svcs, $11 T5N R28, Umatilla, $115,000,000. Tinker, Janet J to Bk of America, 55478 Stateline Rd, M-F, $25,000. Webb, Robert J & RadeneCto Banner Bank, 1330 NW Horn Ave, Pendleton, $230,000. Whitlock, Kristopher to Molloy, Marcia, L 9, B B, Hartley Adn, Hermiston, $60,000. Widener, Arthur R & Gloria D to Bank of America, 336 E High St, Athena,. $109,800. Wilson, G Dennis& Nancy Gto First Community CU, 69846 Ponde- rosa Ln, Pendleton, $40,000. Wolotira, Fredrick M & Eliza- bethAto Farmers Bk&Trust,1802 SW 43rd St, Pendleton, $159,000. GOOD SHEPHERD COMM. HOSPITAL KARTER MITCHEL ALLPHIN Teah Nathan and CodyAIIphin of Hermiston are parents of a son born June 18, 2013. He has been named Karter Mitchel Allphin. KONOR JAXTON JAMES Jessica James and Travis Broadfoot of Hermiston are parents of a son born June 19,2013. He has been named Konor Jaxton James. EDRIAN ALFONZO ESPAIN MORENO Monica Moreno and Victor Alfonzo Espain of Hermiston are parents of a son born June 20, 2013. He has been named Edrian Alfonzo Espain Moreno. DANIEL MADRIGAL-LEON Rosaura and Porfirio Madri- gal of Hermiston are parents of a son born June 23, 2013. He has been named Daniel Madrigal-Leon. KA YLA ANGEL MORALES Jamie Ann and Octavio Saul Morales of Hermiston are parents of a daughter born June 23,2013. She has been named Kayla Angel Morales. ALEAH ISABEL VORHIES Larissa and Steve Vorhies of Hermiston are parents of a daugh- ter born June 23, 2013. She has been named Aleah Isabel Vorhies. MA TTHEW ALAN TOMPKINS Jessica and Mark Tompkins of Hermiston are parents of a son born June 24,2013. He has been named Matthew Alan Tompkins. i Mortgages Satisfied Ainsworth, John W to Wells Fargo Bank. Alkio, Elnor Lto Mtg Electronic Ames, Steva L to US Bank. Bathrick, Darin & Brandi to Umpqua Bank. Beach, Rian to Wells Fargo Bk. Bechtel, Amos Isaac III & Brogoitti, Lori Lee to Columbia River Bank. Bellinger, Robert J & Donna; Bellinger Properties, LLC; part to Banner Bank. Diddle, Theodore Joseph & Cindy Kto US Bank. . Blanc, Greg to Wells Fargo Bk. Bonney, Omer Ford Jr & Dana L to US Bank. Bozarth, Melvin N & Patsy R to Beneficial Oregon Inc. Brown, Raymond E & Tamalee to Banner Bank. Brown, Robert C & Lana L to Umpqua Bank. Burnett, Danny Joe & Paula K to Chase Manhattan Mtg Corp. Caldera, Rogaciano F to Wells Fargo Bank. Campbell, Gordon M & Mary Lou to Unitus CCU. Clark, Ricky W & Gina D to Century 21 Mtg. Coggins, JohnWJr& Murphy, Teresa L to Bank of America. 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Kitchin, Kenneth Brian, Her- miston and Kitchin, Amanda Lynn, Hermiston. Upham, Bernard Y, Pendleton and Upham, Desiree E, Pendleton. Vargas, Esteban Salvador, Hermiston and Campos, Aracely, Hermiston. DRIVERS Get on the ROAD FAST! IMMEDIATE OPENINGS!! TOP PAY, FULL BENEFITS, CDL-A, Hazmat, Doubles Required! Haney Truck Line, CALL NOW 1-888-414-4467. Amundson, Beau Allen, 28, Pendleton and Reese, Emily Nichole, 27, Pendleton. Arrezola, Luis Antonio, 19, Hermiston and Ramos Ayala, Cinthia Marleny, 20, Hermiston. Barker, William Michael, 30, Pendleton and Morgan, Sarah Marie, 29, Pendleton. Briggs, Edward Arnold, 53, Hermiston and Thurman, Tami Lynette, 50, Hermiston. Broncheau; Archie Levi Jr, 29, Pendleton and Van Pelt, Lorene Sky, 30, Pendleton. Choin, Patrick David, 36, Pendleton and Ivins, Brandi Mashelle, 33, Pendleton. Cooper Oman, Zachery Alan, 24, and Potratz, Cassaundra Dawn, 22, both Pendleton. Davila, Nathaniel Simon, 30, Kennewick, WAand Perez, Kristal, 26, Kennewick, WA. 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Srmiento, Juan M, 27, Pendle- ton & Corley, Alexa Jo, 22, Pendleton Tellefson, Matthew Kemble, 42, M-F and Honsvick, Lisa Lee, 34, Baker City. Walker, Jonathan Ryan Lee, 27, Pendleton and Evans, Melissa Louise, 25, Pendleton. Walsborn, Travis Wayne, 33, Pendleton and Schmidt, Amanda Dawn, 26, Pendleton. Warrington, Shawn Alan, 32, Rock Springs, WYand Fuhrer, Ch dsta Made, 32, Rock Springs, WY. Pendleton Horseshoe Club Point Standings Kris Powaukee 210 Dallas Dick 165 Lee Davis 147 Jim Davis 138 Sam Westover 122 Larry Hines 119 Jim Norris 96 Darrell Nordyke 87 Duane Davis 47 Jay Davis 7 The Pendleton Horseshoe Club meets Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. at the Pendleton Community Park. Newcomers are welcome. For more information please call Sam Westover at 541-276-2853 or Jim Norris at 541-429-1336.