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March 17, 2011

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PAGE 4 THE PENDLETON RECORD, PENDLETON, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2011 PUBLIC RECORD (Continued from Page 2) State Courts (continued) St. of Ore. vs Ough, Ronda Maxine, $70 cost, poss meth. St. of Ore. vs Page, Cedric L., $514 mo ch sup, $3,598 sup arr. St. of Ore. vs Perez, Gina Maria fka Reymundo, Gina Marie, $383 cost, Identity theft. St. of Ore. vs Pond, Lona Inez, $70 cost, Fail duties / driver. St. of Ore. vs Prock, Larry Douglas, $70 cost, poss meth. St. of Ore. vs Ramirez, Jacob Martine, $70 cost, POCS. St. of Ore. vs Reece, Tonya Renee, $70 cost, Identity theft. St. of Ore. vs Regalado, Mia Denise, $128, $62 cost, Fail to maint child in school. St. of O re.vs Richards, Arthur Paul, $500, $340 att fee, $268 cost, Fail to reg / sex offender. St. of Ore. vs Ritchie, Dale Joseph, $256 cost, POCS; $71 cost, Contempt court; $207 cost, Un- lawful entry/veh; $119 cost, Con- tempt of court; $256 cost, POCS. St. of Ore. vs Roach, Melton Eugene, $500 fine, $468 cost, interf w/officer. St. of Ore. vs Robins, Cherie- dawn Noelani, $125 cost, liquor to minor. St. of Ore. vs Rod riguez, Craig Gunner aka Dick, John Larry, $70 cost, Fail to appear. St. of Ore. vs Ruiz-lbarra, Nic- andro, $1,665 cost, attempt elude. St. of Ore. vs Ruth, Ryan Allen, $200 cost, Criminal trespass. St. of Ore. vs Salvador, Adolfo Gaytan, $750, $340 att fee, $499 cost, fail app; $2,000, $293 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs Sanchez, Manuel Alejandro, $500, $183 cost, $150 att fee, Harassment. St. of Ore.vs Schlupe, Shirlene Annette, $570 cost, Aggravated theft / 1st deg. St. of Ore. vs Seaman, Bruce Russell, $90 cost, assault; $70 costl fail app. St. of Ore. vs Setzer, Katherine Elizabeth, $500 fine, $390 att fee, $848 cost, contempt ct. St. of Ore. vs Simpson, Joshua Paul, $200 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs Sims, RandyT A., $1,500 fine, 1,076 cost, assault. St. of Ore. vs Smith, Tammy Darlene, $398, $1,050 att fee, $744 cost, Deliver meth. St. of Ore. vs Spain, Jeffrey Carl, $70 cost, Sodomy. St. of Ore. vs Springer, Shane Verhey, $250 fine, $550 att fee, $660 cost, fail app. St. of Ore. vs Steele, Ariel Kateleen Quinn, $250, $285 att fee, $268 cost, Criminal trespass. St. of Ore. vs Stiffier, Josh, $278 mo ch sup, $4,726 sup arr. St. of Ore. vs Summerlin, Kevin Douglas, $500 fine, $348 cost, disord cond. St. of Ore. vs Sutterfield, Lisa aka Garcia-Mendez, $992 cost. Domest. St. of Ore. vs Thomas, Chad Wesley, $672 cost, Deliver mari- juana within 1000 ft of school. St. of Ore. vsThompson, Karla Rae, $400 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. s Todd, Anthony Ryan, $500, $268 cost, Att asslt. St. of Ore.vs Underwood, Jayce Anthony, $70 cost, marijuana. St. of Ore. vs Viesca, Noe, $158 cost, Criminal trespass; $100 fine, $340 att fee, $297 cost, theft. St. of Ore. vs Waggoner, Na- than Wayne, $70 cost, crim misch. St. of Ore. vs Wagoner, Daytine, $70 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs Williams, James Matthew, $500 fine, $340 att fee, $464 cost, harsmt; $500 cost, $340 att fee, $354 cost, fail app. St. of Ore. vs Wolfe, Jesse Arthur aka Beals, aka Bears, $508 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vsWoodford, Diane E, $128, $62 cost, Fail maint child in school. St. of Ore. vs Woods, Samuel Lee, $540 att fee, $743 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs Ybarra, Bartolo III aka Ibarra, Bartole Sanchez, $200 cost, DUll. St. of Ore. vs 7abransky, Scott Jon, $245 cost, poss meth. St. of Ore. vs Zacharias, Steven Michael aka Bacharias, Steven Michael aka Charias, Steven Michael, $50 cost, POCS. St. of Ore.; Arroyo, Iris Chavez vs Lopez, Cesar, $495 mo ch sup, $7,904 sup arr. St. of Ore.; Dean, Karalee Jeanq vs Dean, Nbathan Lee, $318 mo ch sup, $3,945 sup arr. St. of Ore.; Knight, Tiffany L. vs Brumley, Cory J., $378 moch sup, $5,071 sup arr. St. of Ore.; Roane, Jeanna M. vs Frost, Phillip W., $100 mo ch sup, $1,300 sup arr. St. of Ore.; Romero, Luz vs Jimenez, Felipe D., $281 mo ch sup, $3,372 sup arr. L St. of Ore.; Salvador, Anna M. vs Grove, Orley F., $1,573 sup arr. Tachella, Patty A vs Jenkins, Amos M, $275 per mo ch sup. Unifund CCR Partners vs Gri- maldi, Juan P, $14,017.63, $4,945.63 int, $250 att fee, $582 cost, Contract. Wharton, Wendy L aka King, Wendy L vs Wharton, Jonathan, $854 per mo spousal sup, $349 per mo ch sup, Domestic. Deeds Burk, Cynthia S; Estate of Lois Laverne Block to Block, Larry J & Burk, Cynthia S & Block, Robert L, L4, 5, 11 thru 14, N 1/2 of L10 B26 Original Freewater, M-F, $0. Carter, Barryto Able, Nancy J, S14T4N R28, Hermiston,$35,000 Clark, Samuel and Clarissa Su rek toWiese, Eric Rand Shanna R,516 NW Carden Ave, Pendleton, $172,000. Cleaver, Alan Kay to Guizar, Nicolas; Delapaz, Elida, L 2 B.A Hartley Adn, Hermiston, $60,000. Cobb, Emerson L. to Confed- erated Tribes of the Umatilla In- dian Res, S.17, 20, 21,31,32 T2N R35, $30,000. Community Bank to Guar- dado, Juventino M and Ercilia V, 513 N Main St, M-F, $34,500. Cook, Helen to Jenkins, Jamie S & Longhorn, Trista D & Jenkins, Carol S, L 1 thru 4 & 13thru 16 B43 Coe's 1 st Adn, Stanfield, $45,000. Dept of Veterans Affairs to Pearson, Teresa, 270 N Barbara St, Stanfield, $27,900. Echols, Herald Vand Jeanne P to Echols, Scot and Patty, 78705 Echols Rd, Hermiston, $0. Eisenman, Christine A to Yates, SandraAImeta, L 10-12 B.5 Houser'sAdn, Pendleton,$94,000. Furrer, Ronald; Furrer, Rich- ard; Maine, Elaine to Amstad, Alois A and Dee Ann, 3 tracts in $7 T4N R29, Hermiston, $240,000. Garcia, Renee L. to Garcia, Renee L.; Elligsen, Gary Lee, L 42 Echo Hghts Sub, Echo, $0. Gary Hughes, LLC to Five Star Auto Sales, LLC, S.34 T5N R28, $700,000. Hawkins, Kelly D and Pamela L; Trustees to Hawkins, Kelly D; Trustee & Hawkins, Pamela L; Trustee, Tract in $25 T4N R30, Pendleton, $0. Hawkins, Kelly D and Pamela L; Trustees to Hawkins, Kelly D; Trustee & Hawkins, Pamela L; Trustee, Tract in $24 T3N R30, $0. Holt, Carl Dand Edith A; Trust- ees to Graybeal, Jason R; Crist, Richard C & Crist, Charlene S, 2387 NE 8th St, Hermiston, $160,000. HSBC Bank, USA;Trustto Stone- crest Income & Opportunity Fund I, LLC, 595 NE 6th St, Hermiston, $0. Kellas, Debra L to Houfek, Michael D and Laura K, 511 Evans St, M-F, $83,000. Kincaid, Tamera Rae nka Williamson, Tamera Rae to Milleson, Julia L and John, Tract in $12 T5N R35, M-F, $70,000. Lorenzen, David G and Karen C to Blanchet, John and Kristin, S.13 T3N R30, $20,000. Lorenzen, Jan F. to Blanchet, Joh and Kristin, S.13 T3N R30, $1. Lousignont, Beverly A to Burke, Dennis and Connie, L1 & N lOft of L2 B1 Westview Estates, Hermiston, $75,500. Neitch, Loretta Y. to Poland, Danny L. and San-Dee, 1/2 int, S.31 T4N R38, $0,500. Oman, Dave and Deanna to Dirks, Connie A, Tract in Sl T5N R35, M-F, $0. Poland, Eugene F to Rohan, Buck E and Rachel M, 154 SE 7th Ave, M-F, $129,500. Salinas, Andres Gomez and Norma to Luna, Jose Feliciano Garcia and Maria Dolores, E 1/2 of L5 & 6 B84 Original Town of Free- water, M-F, $15,000. Schmittle, Suzanne C.; Boise, Michael A.; Boise, Larry L. Jr. to Jones, DouglasS.andArtaM.,1060 SW lOth St., Hermiston, $120,000. Stanley, Christopher and Geoffery and Brown, Denise fka Stanley to Brown, Denise F. and Donald W., L 13 Hayden River Est #2A, Umatilla, $0. Thompson, DarylA.and Peggy C. to Thompson, Daryl A. and Peggy C., 820 Parallel St., M-F, $0. Tinio, Frederick G & Ordinario, MadaM;Co-trustto Blankenship, Larry, 113 NE 13th St, Hermiston, $190,000. Wachter, Delbert to Flint, Joshua J, Tract in $15 T2N R32, Pendleton, $35,000. Wagner, Debra Kathleen; Trust to Wagner, Debra Kathleen and Gregory Scott, 43898 Jerico Ln, Pendleton, $0. Weber, Vernon A; Est. Marjorie Weber to Schaan, Cynthia A, L4 B3 Highland Hills, Hermiston, $150,000. White, Barbara L; Trustee to Tennant, Gary G, L2 B1 Rockwood Estates, Hermiston, $135,000. NEW ARRIVALS GOOD SHEPHERD COMM. HOSPITAL AARONJAMES MANNING Katie and Jeremy Manning of Hermiston are parents of a son born February 23, 2011. He has been named Aaron James Man- ning. MATISON MARIE HENDRIX Amyand Ken Hendrix of Her- ralston are parents of a daughter born March 8,2011. She has been named Matison Marie Hendrix. ZOEY ROSE TANNER Sarah L. and James M. Tanner of Hermiston are parents of a daughterborn March 8,2011. She has been named Zoey Rose Tan- ner. EMERSON MARIE SPIKE Emilyand CaseySpike of Echo are parents of a daughter born March 10, 2011. She has been named Emerson Marie Spike. JOHNATHON CARTER BEHRINGER Tasha Rasco and Robert Behringer of Umatilla are parents of a son born March 12,2011. He has been named Johnathon Carter Behringer. REBEKAH ANN STIENER Nicole Dawn and Steven Edmund Stiener Jr of Hermiston are parents of a daughter born March 12, 2011. She has been named Rebekah Ann Stiener. JAKOBYNORBERTO RODRIGUEZ Amanda and Juan Rodriguez of Hermiston are parents of a son born March 13,2011. He has been named Jakoby Norberto Rodriguez. Mortgages Ault, Brenda Gall to NAPUS Fed CU, 28391 Southshore Dr, Umatilla, $199,420. Bittinger, Steven L and Wanliya R to Advantis Cr Un, 715 E. Pine Ave, Hermiston, $95,000. Blankenship, Larry D to Netmore America Inc dba Home Loan Ctr, 1173 NE 13th St, Her- ralston, $196,891. Broun, Nicholas B. to Wells Fargo Bank, 895 W. Juniper, Her- ralston, $36,657. Burke, Christopher R to Bank of America, 720 E Sunset Dr, Her- ralston, $78,000. Burke, Dennis and Connie to Lousignont, BeverlyA, L1 & N lOft of L2 B1 Westview Estates, Her- ralston, $40,000. Clark, Darla Rae wtta Denton, Darla to Baker Boyer Natl Bk, 81474 Waterman Rd, Athena, $106,500. Cooper, Randy J. and Brenda L. to JP Morgan Chase Bank, S.23 T4N R29,, $139,000. Echols, Scot and Patty to, 78705 Echols Rd, Hermiston, $208,600. Evans, Craig F and Jenna J to Mortgage Electronic, 1765 NE 6th St, Hermiston, $162,726. Five Star Auto Sales, LLC to Gary Hughes, LLC, S.34 T5N R28, $700,000. Garcia, Ronald L and Rebecca S to Wells Fargo Bank, 84794 Hwy 339, M-F, $57,350. Gissel, Kenneth R. and Dena R. to JP Morgan Chase Bk, L 8 B.1 MeyerSubdv, Hermiston,$92,000. Graybeal, Jason R; Crist, Ri- chard C & Crist, Charlene Sto Wells Fargo Bank, 2387 NE 8th St, Her- ralston, $155,944. Guardado, Juventino M and Ercilia V to Adams, Joseph C and Joann, 513 N Main St and L1,2, 3 & N 11.5ft of L4 in B64 in Original Town of Freewater, M-F, $27,000. Guizar, Nicolas; Delapaz, Elida to Cleaver, Alan Kay, L 2 B.A Hartley Adn, Hermiston, $56,460.93 Halsey, Shawn D and Anna F to JP Morgan Chase Bk, 4127 SW Perkins Ln, Pendleton, $160,870. Houfek, Michael D and Laura K to Community Bank, 511 Evans St, M-F, $48,000. Jones, Douglas S and Arta M to Sterling Savings Bank, 1060 SW lOth St., Hermiston, $96,000. Milleson, Julia L and John to Seaquist, Tamara A, Tract in $12 T5N R35, M-F, $41,397.20 Murtaugh, Nichole to Direct Home Loan Center, 420 E College St, Athena, $87,500. ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL ASHTON MICHAEL MARKLE Ashleah Lynn and Clinton Lewis Markle of Pendleton are parents of a son born March 6, 2011. He has been named Ashton Michael Markle and weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces. Grandparents are Rod and Patti Johlke; the late Brad and Tammi Stuvland, Fred and Laquita Markle, all of Pendleton. RYLEE MICHELINE GIFRTH Micheline Jaeger Urbach and Mitch W. Griffith of Condon are parents of a daughter born March 9, 2011. She has been named Rylee Micheline Griffith and weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces. Grandparents are Michelene and Robert Jaeger of Condon; Gary and Shawna Griffith of Fossil. GRACIE ANNE CALDWELL Kimberly Anne Caldwell of Pendleton is parent of a daughter born March 9,2011. She has been named Gracie Anne Caldwell and weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces. Grandparents are Susan and Steve Caldwell of Pendleton Nava, Manuel Guerrero to Wells Fargo Bank, 1160 W Poplar Ave, Hermiston, $103,600. Rodriguez, David Ruiz and Berthato Oregon First Community CU, 175 NE 15th Ave, M-F, $89,600. Rohan, Buck E and Rachel M to Sierra Pacific Mtg Co Inc, 154 SE 7th Ave, M-F, $132,284. Snyder, Ron E to Sterling Sav- ings Bank, 1422 SW 44th St, Pendleton, $15,000. Sore, Reth and Soth to Umpqua Bank, 1717 SW Perkins Ave, Pendleton, $163,200. Starner, Jane fka Hoots, Jane Lee to Quicken Loans Inc, 104 Deschutes St, Umatilla, $34,239. Swenson, Arron T. and Lisa R. to JP Morgan Chase Bank, S.34 T2N R32,, $150,611. Tennant, Gary G to White, Bar- bara L; Trustee, L2 B1 Rockwood Estates, Hermiston, $108,000. Thompson, DarylA.and Peggy C. to Oregon First Community CU, 820 Parallel St., M-F, $30,000. Thornhill, Howard Michael and Lisa to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 52794 Appleton Rd, M-F, $177,714. Wagner, Debra Kathleenand Gre- goryScotttoWells Fargo Bank, 43898 Jerico Ln, Pendleton, $182,385. Wiese, Eric Rand Shanna Rto Wells Fargo Bank, 516 NW Carden Ave, Pendleton, $167,639. Winter, Philip M. and Rebecca A. to Pentagon Federal CU, 45807 Adams Rd, Pendleton, $79,700. Yates, Sandra Almetato Home Loan Ctr, L 10-12 B.5 Houser's Adn, Pendleton, $97,409. Zaugg, Lance & Zaugg, Janice L & Bachmann, Doris Jea.n to Westcorp Mtg Group, 3623 NE Riv- erside Ave, Pendleton, $99,750. Mortgages Satisfied J. and Kathleen E. to Wells Fargo Bank. Arnold, Jacob A. and Eliza- beth A. to Mortgage Electronic. Aylett, Jedediah Wayne to Columbia River Bank. Baird, William B and Marijo to Elkhorn Title Co; Trustee. Barreras, Murriena and Nayelena to Community Bank. Boylan, Laverne A. and Roberta A. to Wells Fargo Bank. Branstetter Ranch to NW Farm Credit Svcs. Bray, Terry J. and Sand ra K. to Community Bank. Cherry, Loretta Fto Bk of Amedca Copeland, Joseph E. and Candace Jean to Bank of the West. Dochnahl, William L and Lynn B to Mortgage Electronic. Ellis, Nicholas N and Susan E to Mortgage Electronic. Ely, Katherine E to Bkof America. English, Robert D and Alice N to JP Morgan Chase Bank. Evans, Craig F and Jenna J to Mortgage Electronic. Fenton, William Lynn II and Ruth M to Bank of the West. Flower, Michael D. and Helen K. to Washington Mutual Bank. Foster, Daniel J and Patricia L to Mortgage Electronic. Candy, Norman R. and Linda Legal Services For Sale DIVORCES135. Complete prepara- tion. Includes children, custody, support, property and bills division. No court appearances. Divorced in 1-5 weeks possible. 503-772-5295, www.paralegalalte, Birdcage- large parrot size. Used very little. Had small bird for a while. Cat got it. Cost $500 new. Would like $250 or decent offer. Call 541-276- 2853. Help Wanted DRIVERS/COMPANY-LEASE ?Work for usorlet usworkforyou! Unbeat- able Career Opportunities. *Trainee, *Company Driver, *Lease Operator earn up to $51k. $Lease Trainers earn up to $80k. (877) 369-7104, HAVE YOUR own DOT authority? Interested in hauling cargo trailer loads to Home Depot stores? Please fax DOT and insurance info to 574-642-4792 or call 574-642- 4150, attention Kendra/Dexter. Two female Ferrets with cage for $200. Looking for a long- term home. Please call (541) 278-1718. Up to $96.20 Per Assessmenl ($24.05/hr/4 hour assessment) The Department of Human Ser- vices Foster Care Program is seek- ing RN's with pediatric experience to complete medical assessments for children 0-18. Training pro- vided. These are non-benefited contract positions. For more infor- mation contact Teri Shultz, RN (503)945-6620. DRIVER: DRY or Refrigerated po- sitions. Single source dispatch. Notractorolderthan 3years. Safety bonuses paid quarterly. CDL-A, 3 months current OTR experience. 800-414-9569, Job Opening ADVERTISING SALES: Leads provided. Call 541-276-2853 if in- terested. to Umatilla Electric Coop. Haberstroh, Thomas to Bank of America. Hallmark, Keith L to Wells Fargo Bank. Haney, Richard D. and Jeanne M.-to Mortgage Electronic. Hetterley, Michael L. and Julie Ann to Wells Fargo Bank. Hinkle, LarryW. and Kim to US Bank. Hoeft, Aaron C to Bk of America. Jensen, Patricia A and Robert L to Bank of America. Johnson, Stacie R. to Mort- gage Electronic. Kligel, Thomas A. and Maryto Wells Fargo Bank. Lathrop, Leslie C and Patty J to Wells Fargo Bank. Lieuallen, A B rooks to US Bank. Long, CoryS & Galbraith, Kath- erin Lto Chase Home Finance LLC. Madison Ranches I ncto Com- munity Bank. Madril, Allen J. and Michele A. to Cartus Home Loans. Medina, Jose Luis and Gloria Leticia to American West Financial. Meskimen, Paul R to Wells Fargo Bank. Moreno, Arthuro and Yajaira to Rural Housing Svc USDA. Picard, Clifford Carson and Elizabeth Carole to Mtg Electronic. Pollick, Johnny R to Oregon First Community CU. Read, Susan to Wells Fargo Bk. Remington, David A. and Wanda M. to US Bank. Rencken, Lanceto Mtg Electronic Reynolds, Delbert to Mort- gage Electronic. Ruiz, Alfredo and Hortenciato Bank of America. Schatz, Roger and Susan to HAPOComm CU. Sherrell, Brenda and Steve to Columbia River Bank. Silver Ridge Homes Inc to Panoramic Ridge Const & Devel- opment (Partial). Skeen, Steven and Kathleen to Mortgage Electronic. Souza, Patrick W and Laura A to Wells Fargo Bank. Sunridge Estates LLC to Pio- neer Title Co, partial. Sunridge Estates LLC to Ster- ling Savings Bank (Partial). Swenson, Arron T and Lisa R to JP Morgan Chase Bank. Tague, Gary R and Patricia A; Trustees to Banner Bank. Warne, Justin H. and Judy E. to Rural Housing Svc USDA. Warren, Evelyn Trust; Jenson, Chuckto Sunridge Estates, partial. Wiggins, Charleen E and Mark to Bank of Eastern Oregon. Williams, Brad E. to Safeway NW Central CU. Winter, Philip M. and Rebecca A. to Bank of America. Wright, Gerald D to Bank of America. Zeckman Construction Inc to Sterling Savings Bank. Zeckman Construction Inc to Sterling Savings Bank. Federal Tax Liens Donns Inc dba Century 21, Hermiston, $15,934.27 MarvsGlassShop M-F$3,240.62 Osias, Drew A, Pendleton, $577,870.54 Williams, Ronald Andrew, Hermiston, $32,089.01 Federal Tax Liens Satisfied Bronson, Jamie E, Umatilla, $6,717.22. Cerda, Jose B and Teresa De Jesus, M-F, $5,802.01. Oregon Liens Satisfied Alberts, Dale A, $1,286.95. Chapa, Francisco, $713.19. Millar, RAAndy PC,$1,542.60; $2,634.84; $433.55; $500.20; $504.08; $659.22; $809.77. Millar, Robert A, $1,098.47; $1,721.49; $1,730.84; $1,971.98; $14,638.05; $14,723.63; $2,112.73; $2,924.52; $4,374.77; $4,922.40; $512.37; $516.74. Miracle, Ilene, $626.85. Moiler, Bradley J, $883.95. Moiler, Sandra K, $883.95. Persinger, Charlotte, $2,010.24. Vega, Misael, $1,353.08. Williams, Ronald Andrew, $12,637.85. Arnold, Jimmy Ray Jr, 52, Hermiston and Roland, DebraAnn, 52, Hermiston. Buenrostro, Nazario, 51, Umatillaand RoblesAmador, Maria Guadalupe, 48, Umatilla. Christensen, Bobby Dean, 26, Pendleton and Boodt, Desteny Grace, 21, Pendleton. Lamkin, Rodger Jay, 63, Bradenton, FL and Saucedo, Alma Rosa, 57, College Place, WA. Moore, Tylerwhitney Edwin, 24, Hermiston and Backen, Geraldine Sariah, 20, Hermiston. Divorces Booher, Benjamin Wesley, Hermiston and Booher, Susan Elizabeth, Hermiston. Brown, Robert M, Hermiston and Brown, Donna M, Hermiston. Gallardo-Arellano, Roberto, Hermiston and Gallardo, Linda A: Hermiston. Jensen, Matthew David, Pilot Rock and Jensen, Tammy Lee, Dubuque, Iowa. Patrick, Marty Howard, Her- miston and Patrick, Tabatha Lee, Pendleton. Schimel, Brian R, Pendleton and Schimel, Cindy, Pendleton. Scott, Jay Edward, Pendleton and Scott, Rose Marie, Pendleton. Torrero, Jose Jaime B, Hermis- ton and Rodriguez, Rosa, Hermiston. J